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Fuel and Oil Polishing Rigs

The DFU-2 is the ultimate portable fuel and oil polishing unit.

Contaminated fuels and oils are a real problem across many industries, causing breakdowns and decreased machine efficiency. Our goal is to provide solutions to help you clean up your contaminated fluids; solutions like the DFU-2.

It is a larger version of the market leading DFU-1 and features advanced water clean-up capabilities, flow rate and a larger particulate filter. It is perfect for removing solid particulate and water from fuels and oils and has an innovative a 2-stage approach to water removal.

As with the DFU-1, we offer a large range of inserts covering all of your filtration needs.

The DFU-2 is ideal for a range of industries including;

Construction and plant equipment, power generation/ generators, injection moulding, manufacturing, mining, military, rail, waste management, transport, aviation…and many more.

We are passionate about fuel and oil health so why not contact us to see how we can help you.


  • 50l/min flow rate
  • Uses standard 240VAC mains electric
  • 20kg capacity particulate and algae (diesel bug) removal filter
  • Separate filter to remove water down to below 50ppm
  • Fuel is cleaned down to 1 micron
  • Fuel cleanliness ensured to ISO levels 18/16/14 or better
  • Colour coded indicator on each filter
  • Optional extras available including; bacterial fuel conditioners, FuelMag©, flow meters and particle counters
  • Quick connect fittings for instant plug-in to the Particle Pal cleanliness analyser


  • Ideal for difficult to access areas
  • Easy to transport
  • Cleans up 10,000 Litres of stored fuel at a time, particularly where there is a large water ingress issue.
  • Large range of replacement bags available, including high efficiency and recleanable
  • Option of fitted on-line particle counter helps the Service Engineer understand when the fuel or oil being cleaned has achieved clarity or a pre-set ISO code level