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Many rolling applications require the use of light viscosity oil in place of the typical water-soluble coolant. Traditionally, clarification of the roll oils has been done with disposable cartridge filters or diatomaceous earth filters. These methods, while effective, are maintenance intensive and require disposable guard filters.

Model ABS Absorption Filter

To address these issues, Filtertech has developed the Model ABS Absorption Filter that is fully automatic and eliminates the need for any precoating or use of disposable filters. The ABS Absorption Filterincorporates a unique filter element design that removes even the finest particles and at the same time is self-cleaning using semi-permanent filter elements.

Absorption Filters

Telescoping Candle Drawer
The Model ABS Absorption Filter is available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the needs of various applications including engineered system design when required.
Mode of Operation
The ABS Filter System utilizes special filter elements designed to allow oil flow through the candles from outside to inside. The extremely fine particulate is captured on the outer surface of the filter element. Flow through the candles is accomplished by absorption instead of pressure. The extremely low differential allows the filter elements to be cleaned easily, by back flowing low-pressure air through the elements.
Cross section of an ABS Absorption Filter 
Figure 1

Each ABS filter vessel is designed with multiple filter compartments. Each compartment has a series of filter housings mounted on tracks for easy removal of the filter candles without taking the remaining compartments offline. This concept also permits only one compartment to be offline at a time for filter cleaning. Additional filter vessels are not needed for full flow filtration while in cleaning mode because only a small percentage of the total system filter flow is offline at any given time.

Model ABS Absorption Filter

Each vessel and its compartments are controlled via a PLC. The PLC control allows complete flexibility for setting cleaning cycle increments, blow-down times, purge times, and compartment settling times.