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In various clarification processes involving water, water-soluble and viscous liquids such as lubricating oils, the solids generated can cause excessive wear on tooling and adversely affect product quality.

Model MCF Centrifuge

To provide efficient low cost liquid-solid separation, Filtertech offers the Model MCF, two phase Manual Centrifuge. The Model MCF Centrifuge utilizes centrifugal force, one of the most basic methods to separate solids from liquids based on their difference in specific gravity. The Model MCF magnifies this force up to 1,600 times through centrifugal action.

Mode of Operation

1) An integral air diaphragm feed pump takes suction from the reservoir tank and pumps the process liquid through the centrifuge feed tube. 2) The incoming liquid travels under the feed cone and into the bowl chamber where the impeller blades accelerate and maintain the liquid at full rotational speed. 3) The liquid then rises vertically upward through the bowl. Particles heavier than the liquid separate and move to the perimeter of the centrifuge bowl thus depositing on the inside wall of the bowl liner forming a dense solids cake that becomes relatively moisture-free under accelerated gravitational force. 4) The clarified liquid exits through the center hole in the bowl lid and into the bowl enclosure where it collects and drains out through the 3″ outlet fitting.

5) After an elapsed time period of process time, the bowl liner reaches its solids holding capacity, and the centrifuge is turned off thus coasting to a stop. The hinged enclosure cover is unlatched and opened. The bowl lid is removed from the bowl bottom after unscrewing the four SHCS using the provided hex key tool. Using the provided bowl liner lifting tool, the liner is removed from the bowl bottom. The solids are then scraped from the bowl liner, which is then cleaned out and put back into the unit to resume operation.