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In various clarification processes involving viscous liquids such as drawing and rolling oils, the solids generated can cause excessive wear on tooling and adversely affect product quality.

Model ACF Automatic Centrifuge

To provide efficient liquid-solid separation, Filtertech offers our Model ACF, Automatic Self-Cleaning Centrifuge. The Model ACF Centrifuge utilizes centrifugal force, one of the most basic methods to separate solids from liquids based on their difference in specific gravity. The Model ACF magnifies this force up to 1,750 times gravity through centrifugal action

Mode of Operation

Processing cycle of an automatic centrifuge.

Figure 1 - Processing Cycle

1) Process liquid continuously flows up through the feed tube. 2) The impeller accelerates and distributes the liquid into the spinning bowl. 3) Liquid flows up the rotating bowl as the solids separate and compact at the perimeter of the bowl. 4) The clarified liquid passes around the efficiency ring and discharges through the bowl hub discharge ports and into the frame collection chamber. 5) The clarified liquid flows down the drain tubes and into the lower frame drain pan where it exits the discharge connection at the base of the centrifuge.

Cleaning cycle of an automatic centrifuge.

Figure 2 - Cleaning Cycle

6) Once the bowl fills to maximum capacity with waste solids, the load sensitive dump (LSD) automatic cleaning cycle is activated to remove the solids. The clean cycle frequency can also be controlled by an adjustable PLC process timer. 7) When the cleaning cycle is activated, the centrifuge shuts off the feed and quickly brakes to a complete stop. 8) After the “free” liquid drains, the sludge chute cover is electrically opened. 9) A second electric actuator engages the plow mechanism's gear assembly into the ring gears. The lower gear then turns, rotating the plow blades while the upper gear rotates the bowl assembly in the opposite direction. 10) The plowing action discharges the compacted solids from the tapered section of the centrifuge bowl. The sludge drops through a chute into a waste receptacle below the machine. Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the sludge chute cover closes, the plow gear retracts, the process timer resets, and the machine resumes its process cycle. A normal cleaning cycle takes less than 5 minutes.