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In many coolant filtration systems, conveyorized tanks are used to automatically remove the settleable solids and discharge the material into a drum or hopper for disposal. In this process, “free” liquids often get trapped in the solids and accumulate on the surface of the container. This “free” liquid makes container handling and disposal of the material more difficult and less valuable especially for applications using mineral oil.

Model SDU Sludge Dewatering Unit

To remove these “free” liquids from the sludge, Filtertech offers its “Sludge Dewatering Unit”. The Model SDU provides an effective means for removing the fluid from the sludge with minimal operator attention. The Model SDU comes in standard sizes and can be adapted to most conveyorized tank arrangements, either above or below grade configurations. The unit is available in both left and right hand configurations with standard hot rolled steel construction as well as Cor-ten® steel and 304 stainless steel to meet many application needs.

Mode of Operation

Sludge is typically discharged from a conveyorized tank and is collected in the transition hopper of the SDU. The sludge then falls by gravity into the SDU's inclined conveyor and is slowly conveyed up the incline ramp. The speed of the conveyor is controlled by an inverter drive to allow maximum separation of the “free” liquids from the sludge.

The sludge travels up the ramp as the liquids drain down the ramp and into the liquid collection reservoir at the bottom of the SDU. When the sludge reaches the top of the ramp, the “free” liquid has drained away. The sludge is then discharged into a drum or collection hopper for efficient disposal or reclamation.

The liquid collection reservoir incorporates a drain connection which can be piped to the conveyorized tank where the liquid can return by gravity drain. The SDU can also be equipped with an optional “pump-away” system which consists of discharge pump and level control float to pump the liquid back to the conveyorized tank or waste tank for disposal when gravity return is not practical.

Model SDU Sludge Dewatering Unit

Figure 1

The reservoir is also provided with an access cleanout hatch for maintenance.