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Model RGF Deep Bed Gravity Filter

The Filtertech Model RGF Low Profile Gravity Filter provides economical clarification for a variety of applications. The patented Filtertech labyrinth side seal design ensures a positive seal along each edge of the filter media. This eliminates the migration of solids which is a common problem with “wheel” type or seal less shallow bed gravity filter designs.


Gravity Filtration Unit

Figure 1


Mode of Operation

The dirty liquid to be clarified is either pumped or flows by gravity into the side inlet of the filter, through the low velocity inlet distribution header onto the bed of the filter.

A layer of disposable filter media is positioned within the filter and is supported by a flat wire conveyor belt. As the dirty liquid passes through the filter, solids are removed by the media allowing only the clean liquid to pass through, and drain out the bottom of the filter.

The solids that accumulate on the surface of the media form a filter “cake” which further improves filtrate clarity through depth filtration.

Over time, the filter “cake” becomes thicker causing the level in the liquid pool to rise. This is sensed by a level control float which then automatically indexes a small amount of the dirty media out of the filter at the same time introducing fresh media.