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Model MPF4-4800 Gravity Filter

The Filtertech Model MPF Deep Bed Gravity Filter provides an effective means of filtration. A single discharge point allows the solids and media to be collected in a hopper located at the discharge end of the filter. The use of a deep 6″ (153 mm) liquid pool allows a high pressure differential across the media allowing higher filtration rates and low filter media consumption. The extended discharge ramp out of the liquid area has an effective length of 30″ (763 mm) to enhance drying of the accumulated sludge. The inlet header allows uniform distribution of the filter floc. The filter is fully automatic in operation.

Mode of Operation

The floc flows by gravity into the bed of the filter onto a layer of disposable filter media positioned within the filter side seals and supported by a flat wire conveyor belt.

The liquid and solids accumulate on the surface of the media to create an effective filter “cake” which allows extremely fine particulate to be removed.

The filter “cake” becomes thicker and more dense such that the filtrate rate through the media decreases causing the level in the liquid pool to rise. This is sensed by a level sensor which signals the drive to index the collected solids out of the filter while introducing fresh media.

The filter includes Filtertech's patented labyrinth-type positive side seal design which creates a double side seal to prevent migration of solids around the edge of the filter media.

To help prevent the roll of media from running out, the filter is equipped with an end-of-media sensor which senses when the media roll is almost depleted and annuciates an alarm condition on the filter control panel.