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In numerous solution clarification applications involving moderate to high flowrates, the Filtertech Model HVSCF (high vacuum) flatbed vacuum filter provides the desired clarity by removing even the finest particles using a wide range of filter medias.

Model HVSCF Air Vacuum Filter

The Filtertech Model HVSCF (high vacuum) flatbed vacuum filter is available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Mode of Operation

Dirty liquid is fed into the filter through a low velocity inlet distributor. As the air is evacuated beneath the filter bed, a high vacuum pressure differential across the media is created. The contaminants are intercepted to form a cake and as the cake becomes thicker and less permeable, a pool is formed in the bed of the filter. As the pool gets deeper, the level control float energizes the conveyor drive system and introduces a small section of fresh media at one end and discharges the contaminants and spent media at the other end of the filter. The clean liquid flows through the clean outlet to a separate clean tank for delivery back to the process.