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Model LVF Liquid Vacuum Filter

In various metal working operations, water-soluble coolants and oil are used to remove heat and swarf from the tool and workpiece. Over time, the coolant becomes contaminated resulting in reduced product quality and tool life and frequent coolant changes.

The Filtertech Liquid Vacuum Filter Model LVF provides effective solids removal through media filtration which is vacuum assisted to minimize media usage and improve filtrate clarity. The filter comes equipped with its own clean and dirty reservoir tanks which minimize floor space requirements.

Model LVF Gravity Filter

Figure 1

Mode of Operation

Dirty liquid enters the filter through the side inlet header, and is discharged into the dirty compartment. The dirty compartment is separated from the vacuum chamber located below by a filter media barrier through which clean liquid must pass while the solids are retained by the media (see fig. 1). Solids accumulate on the media surface forming a filter “cake” which further improves filtrate clarity by removing finer particulates than would be removed by the media alone.

To promote thicker “cake” formation, an increased pressure differential is created across the filter media by the clean supply pump which takes suction from the vacuum chamber. As the solids accumulate on the surface of the media, the vacuum created in the chamber below increases. When sufficient vacuum has been created, an indexing cycle is initiated in which the vacuum is released by a pneumatic vacuum break, allowing the liquid in the clean tank to be fed into the vacuum chamber during media indexing to ensure uninterrupted flow to the work. The spent media and accumulated solids are removed by the automatic drag chain conveyor and discharged into a collection receptacle for disposal. When indexing is complete, the pneumatic vacuum break is closed and the clean tank is refilled from a side stream of the clean supply line with the excess liquid draining by gravity back to the dirty compartment.